Jul 14, 2009

7/20 「 文-FUMI 」 FRUITS MIX

日本語の詳細はこちら for Japanese language

it is the day
you find myself and appreciate.
it is the day
with knowing self who you have not known,
you write a loveletter to someone important.

Our special weekend retreat workshop
"yoga x sake x macrobiotic food retreat FUMI"
is coming back on July 20th in collabolation with
"Viva La Fruits"who sells fresh fruits to
Farmer's Market @Gyle bldg, Omotesando!

AND the venue for this time,
is the "eatrip LABO" lead by Yuri Nomura,
who directed the food documentary film "eatrip"
which is nominated to the Montreal Film Festival this year.
also, the building of eatrip is Ikejiri Institute for Design,
which is renovated jonior school bldg and has cool design offices,
workshop places, gallery and cafe inside.

Please come enjoy the special & inspirational one-day retreat with us!

yoga x sake x macrobiotic retreat

Monday, July 20th, 2009
-noon term: 11am-2pm
-evening term: 3pm-8pm

eatrip LABO @ Ikejiri Insititute of Design #206

15mins walk from "Ikejiri" and "Sangen-jaya"station
on Denentoshi-line and Setagaya line.

4,000 yen (workshop, meal & drink include)

*Reservation & Contact:
please send your name and email address,
and the term you want to attend to:

1. yoga class
-breath and meditation
-lymphatic massage using fruit oil
-finding chakra of your partner

2. macrobiotic cooking & lecture
-what is macrobiotic?
-how to connect with your neignborhood
-fruits juice and food in Fumi-month(July)

3. sake tasting lab
-sake basics
-sake tasting lab (in the dark)
-sake tasting lab (with fruits)

(all course is prepared for begginers to intermediate)

-Yoga outfits
-Yoga matress (rental 300yen)
-My chopsticks + cup (rental 100yen each)
-note & pencil

*Who we are:
-kachaco (yoga) →blog
-han (macrobiotic food)→blog
-pimienta (sake) →blog

・Viva La Fruits from Master Mind of Meow
-FUTABA Fruits (fruits) →blog

*Past FUMI:
you can see all photos from last FUMI on May 23rd

eatrip LABO

yoga class room