Nov 22, 2009

Chase the 2009

two pairs of feet with christmas colors on the fluffy grey grass of Hyde park on Saturday.
we exhausted ourselves by playing soccer, though it was much more chasing a ball than kicking it.

i hear, and smell the shadow of coming year in our neighborhood and they leave the footmarks.
the new year is always like this; you are never ready to welcome him/her, yet once you let them come in your house he/she will stay in your living room without any hesitation.
all i can do is to chase. not often to kick.

the one of the films i love to see is "where the wild things are" directed by Spike Jonz.
the world of imagination kept inside us, no matter how many times we welcome new years.

what is everyone's christmas / new years plan like?
I am thinking to stay home and sew. all day long.

Nov 20, 2009

new U R L !!



Welcome to!
Now there is new & easier URL address to my blog.
please come to from now on!

To welcome more visitors, i will send you more frequent,
and interesting issues around food, living and
beautiful stuffs from London!


RCA Secret 2009

せたかの学校の展示をちらり。「RCA Secret 2009

Peeking in Setaka's school exhibition.
RCA Secret 2009 -an annual exhibition and sale of postcard-sized art,
made by Over 800 artists have donated work to RCA Secret 2009, including Yoko Ono, Cornelia Parker, David Bailey, former Stone Roses guitarist John Squire, and animator Nick Park, American artist John Baldessari, as well as fashion designers Sir Paul Smith and Erdem.

なお、このエキシビションで得られた収益は、全て〈Royal College of Art Fine Art Student Award Found〉で使われるそう。

All the works are contributed from previously noted artists to unknown RCA students, but the author of each work remains a secret until after purchase.
The postcard will be sold for £40 each in a huge one-day Sale on this Saturday (I heard people queuing up from 6 in the morning!), and all the profit goes to "Royal College of Art Fine Art Student Award Found." good stuff.

here are our favoritas:


i feel like i can tell whose they are and then i am not too sure..
you can see the whole collection of postcards here.

Nov 17, 2009

Azuki and Green Tea Meet...


it is the Autumn, the big appetite season of the year. (to me whole year though indeed)
I made this cake with the huge crave of something tastes Japanese, and everyone liked it.
so here I introduce!

材料 (直径20cmの丸形1個分)
◆バター(常温) 140g
◆砂糖 80g
◆卵(常温) 2個
◆小麦粉 90g
◆アーモンドプードル 40g
◆ベーキングパウダー 小さじ2/3
◆抹茶 大さじ2
◆ゆであずき 100g


⑦Bon Appetit! 焼きたてでも、冷ましてからでも美味しいです。家族やラブリンと召し上がれ!


Azuki and Green Tea Marble Cake
ingredients (20cm diameter round cake tin)
-butter 140g, room temperature
-sugar 80g (2/3 cup)
-2 Eggs, room temperature
-flour 90g
-almond powder 40g
-baking powder 2/3 teaspoon
-Macha (green tea powder) 2 tablespoon
-cooked Azuki beans 80g

"leave out the butter and eggs in room temp. around 30 mins
"preheat oven on 180C
"dissolve Macha powder with 2 tablespoon of warm water
"spread little butter on the cake tin

1) When butter is softened, cream with the sugar until fluffy, and whitish color.
2) Mix in beaten eggs little by little, shift in the flour, almond powder and baking powder.
3) Cut in the dough into two banks, one bank will be Macha, and the other Azuki.
4) Once each bank is mixed, marble them with a big spoon not more than 4 times. take great care, the swirls determines how great it will settle in yo stomach later.
5) Bake for 45 mins in 180C.
6) Bon Appetit! Serve hot or cold, enjoy yummy shibui nostalgic taste with your lovers and friends.

Nov 10, 2009

shopping list of...

things fascinate me lately:

the green bedside lamp of Howe.
you'll see little stars shining in your wall at night.

the brown canvas bib apron of Labour and Wait.
they are more for gardening than for cooking, but i still like it.
After my life became cooking like all day long, collecting the series of aprons became my expression.

the neat Rain Cape for this season in London by Postalco.
and I love how they explain the products.
"The human shoulder joint is most frexible joint in our body. the rain cape covers without restricting of arms' motion. Maybe that is why rain capes are used for ages by travelers, farmers, horse riders, mail carriers and messengers."

the bird lover's brooch by Droog.
i would love to visit their store in Amsterdam again.

talking about Holland...

here are nice collections from Setaka's school trip to Utrecht, Holland last week.
craving craving craving....mmmh

Nov 9, 2009

St Ives shines #2


The second day started with a nice British breakfast at Tre-pol-pen B&B.
Our destination today is: eden project.


This is the world’s largest greenhouse consist of Tropical and Mediterranean Biomes,
and you can find tens of thousands of plants from South America,
West Africa, Oceanic Island, Asia, and all around the world.
Inside the Tropical biome dome, it was sweating hot.
I -as a tropical summer girl, was very very excited at all time.


What inspired me the most was this educational boards near the familiar plants like banana and cocoa, which explained the whole process of production lines and producers' faces.
The stories lay between the Fair-trade & organic banana and conventional ones, talked about the lives of  producers, and the real quality of the food itself.
The stories you would never imagine when you see the discounted mountain of bananas at supermarket.
and the stories hit me hardly because of the power of this place.
Today, I learned the possibilities of what a "space" can do to our minds.

Nov 5, 2009

St Ives shines #1

連休を使って、せたかのBirthday Trip。
United Kingdomの最西端、Cornwall地方にある
St Ivesという小さな町。

On my long weekend, we went out on Setaka's Birthday trip.
(In another words, I got to choose everything excites me :p )
The destination a quiet sleeper train led us to was a small town called St Ives,
in the most west end of county in UK –Cornwall.

アーティストをこんなにも惹き付けるのは、St Ivesの放つ「光」が関係しているそうです。

This old port town has became a big art village since 1920s,
around the time Bernard Leach started his pottery here with Shinji Hamada
and soon many more artists and writers were following in his footsteps,
notably Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth.
Still now, new groups of artists are making their marks in this area by opening up galleries, studios and potteries.
I heard that it is something to do with the "light" shining in St Ives that magnets all the artists.

at Pengenna Pesties. It is a time for Cornish pasties, or
for Cream Tea (Clotted cream on scones with jam). yum.

Fore St Deli. We got to found the very neat selections of organic veggies, bread, and cheese from Cornwall.

and beautiful ice cream of Moomaid of Zennor.
Nobody can resist a moomaid. Even the weather.

Dinner at St Andrews St Bistro. we enjoyed the last open day of their season.
and yes, it was Halloween day!

seems like we were eating whole day... *cough* yes we were.
to be continued.