Nov 22, 2009

Chase the 2009

two pairs of feet with christmas colors on the fluffy grey grass of Hyde park on Saturday.
we exhausted ourselves by playing soccer, though it was much more chasing a ball than kicking it.

i hear, and smell the shadow of coming year in our neighborhood and they leave the footmarks.
the new year is always like this; you are never ready to welcome him/her, yet once you let them come in your house he/she will stay in your living room without any hesitation.
all i can do is to chase. not often to kick.

the one of the films i love to see is "where the wild things are" directed by Spike Jonz.
the world of imagination kept inside us, no matter how many times we welcome new years.

what is everyone's christmas / new years plan like?
I am thinking to stay home and sew. all day long.