Jul 17, 2010

sa yo na ra ma ta ne

my brother, my best friend the shine of my family, Nem Nem has just ended his 9 year life.

He was the strongest cat I had ever known. He was the only one survived in the cold winter day when we found his mother left her children, and he had lost his esophagus and only way he could take nutrition was from the plastic tube connected to his tummy. he lived like this for 4years almost.

There are lots of delicious food you like, and warm bed, and your favorite flowers, plants and butterflies waiting for you in the another world.



Sebastián Moncho said...

Ha, ha, ha. I liked that photo :)

saamielola said...

It's so sad, but I think he's very happy now.

lc said...

aww i was reading your blog and i came accross this. so sad :( he is so cute!! you have a lovely blog xx