Jun 7, 2011

カントリーロード / Country Roads

It will be another time apart from you, for a little while.
This trip to Japan I touched hearts of many people's, and felt
that I really love my country.
I will surely come back in one year.
until then. Sa yo na ra.


I dreamed of living alone but fearless,
Secret longing to be courageous,
lonliness kept bottled up inside,
just reveal your brave face they’ll
never know you lied.

Country road may lead me home,
Know i belong there all on my own
destiny calls, motionless I stall,
no I can’t go,
Country road.

No matter how dark the world’s inside me
I’ll never stop to show a tears that I’ve shed, but now
I have to walk so fast, running, sprinting to forget
what is lodged in my head.

country Road, may lead me home, know I belong
there all on my own. Destiny calls, motionless
I stall no I can’t go country roads.
country road, You’re a good friend
I’ll never know. Same tomorrow, regret and sorrow,
can’t take you home. Country Road.

Country Roads Shizuku version,
from the film "Whisper of the Heart"

 ひとりぼっち 恐れずに
 生きようと 夢見てた
 さみしさ 押し込めて 
 強い自分を 守っていこ 

 この道 ずっとゆけば
 あの街に 続いてる 
 気がする カントリー・ロード

 どんな寂しい 時だって
 決して 涙は見せないで
 心なしか 歩調が速くなってく
 思い出 消すため

 この道 故郷(フルサト)へ続いても 
 僕は 行かないさ
 行けない カントリー・ロード
 明日は いつもの僕さ
 帰りたい 帰れない
 さよなら カントリー・ロード