Jun 23, 2011


My grandma, who has always been loving me 
ever since I was born in this world, is passing away.
She is an amazing Haiku poet publishing a book several years ago,
and a wonderful wife to support my 94-years-old grandfather, 
a former chief priest of Zunkoji temple in Toyama prefecture, 
who had received a Lifetime Achievement Award of 
Society for the Promotion of Buddhism last year.
as well as being a mother of seven children, eight grandchildren,
and ten great-grandchildren of my family.
She wears Kimono so beautifully with her tall, fit and straight postures,
and even though she was normally very calm and quiet next to her husband, 
we all know her strong spirit and presence between our family.
there are many encounters and partings in one life,
yet facing this biggest apart from someone in my life for my life, 
is making me at lost.
what on earth, can i give her at this last moment?



http://bonjourjuliette.com/ said...

Oh we don't know each other "in real life" but know i do think of you in this tough and important moment.
Sure your grandma did all she could to BE as beautiful as can be. Be, and give.
Just for her to know that must be the most important thing. Let her know, kiss her, pray, sing to her, or just maybe touch her if you're near her... My mom talked to her father for a few hours right after he died, while his "presence" was leaving maybe, and i know she did well. It was the most beautiful thing for him, for her, for us too. She'll always be in you, and that's to be grateful for...

pimienta ぴみえんた said...

thank you so much juliette...i am flying from london to japan tomorrow morning to do whatever you suggested me to do...now i am feeling her presence inside of me like my taste was made by her amazing cooking, how my image of ideal women formed by seeing her life, and how i fall in love by looking her and my grandfather's beautiful beautiful relationships...
again your words meant so much to me. thank you!

http://bonjourjuliette.com/ said...

Bon courage -how we say in french... It's good that you can actually be there... Thanks for your blog & my thoughts fly over to you***