Oct 13, 2010

know your SAKE: poems of the temperature

One of the beautiful things about Sake is it is very exquisite form of art;
Its production is deeply depending on our seasons and climate, nature and each regions,
and you will learn how much people has been in love with Sake through history, knowing that there are so many expressions and terms around Sake.
As Sake can be drunk at a wide range of temperature, those temperatures are expressed by 10 poetic Japanese phrases based on the theoretical meanings:


0℃   霙酒  Mizore-Zake
      (semi-frozen, like sorbet)
5℃   雪冷え Yuki-hie
      (the temperature of snowy day)
10℃  花冷え Hana-hie
     (the chilly temperature of cherry blossom season)
15℃  涼冷え Suzu-hie
     (reminds of cool-breeze)
30℃  日向燗 Hinata-kan
     (warm like under comfortable sunlight)
35℃  人肌燗 Hitohada-kan
     (gentle warmth of human-body)
40℃  ぬる燗 Nuru-kan
     (the warmth of relaxing hot spring bath)
45℃  上燗  Jo-kan
     (taut, refined heat)
50℃  熱燗  Atsu-kan
     (hot enough to warm body & soul)
55℃ 飛び切り燗 Tobikiri-kan
     (extremely hot)

Even a small difference in temperature can color the different flavors of Sake.