Nov 28, 2010



I've found this International Edition of KATEIGAHO magazine 
at a Japanese bookstore Junkudo in Paris. They feature on Sake this time.
To me, KATEIGAHO is a kind of magazine I've always seen at my grandma's desk.
It is a kind of magazine for a mature and sopisticated lady 
who enjoy wearing daily Kimono and serving dishes.
I purchased KATEIGAHO for the first time.
This bilingual international edition, has been published semiannually since 2003. 

great presentation and description, I loved all the photographs.


"In the beginning, there was water.
Then, by human hands, sake was born."
I will visit Japan to make Sake in this coming January.

3 comments: said...

Hi! Is it possible to get this magazine in London, you think? Thank you!

pimienta ぴみえんた said...

you may have to contact, but im sure you can order at couple of Japanese bookstore in London.
one is called J-Books in Mistukoshi department in Picaddilly:
and the other i know is Japan Centre Bookshop, its also in Piccadilly:
also this publisher will ship abroad as well!

Sebastián Moncho said...

You won, now I want to taste sake XD