Nov 20, 2010

unfavorite winter / 冬が嫌い

I am born in end of July, and name means summer tree.
despite the fact that winter season has always been my least favorite season since it has nothing to do with me,  i am getting to find more positive aspects of it. 
Because about two thirds of the weather in UK is wintery.
Ice cream in winter, for example. 
letting it melt in the warm room is the must as everyone knows,
but i like to eat it a freezing ice cream in freezing cold day out.
my current favorite is the honey and ginger flavor of Marine Ice cream in Chalk Farm,
and Mexican chocolate (with a hint of red chili) flavor of Gelupo in Soho.

私の最近のお気に入りは、Chalk Farmにあるマリンアイスクリームのハニー&ジンジャー味と


meds said...

I seem to be the only one who loves it when my ice cream melts. Love the suggestions of ice creams that you have been having!

pimienta ぴみえんた said...

thanks for the comment! please try the ice cream places next time you are in London!