Nov 16, 2010

Shiwasu no Happo-shu / End of Year's premium sparkling sake

We are stepping closer and close to the end of 2010...So many things undone from new year's resolution, but there is nothing worth to cry over it.
Instead, why don't we celebrate this season happily, and start over, with a glass of fizzy, sparkling sake? ;)
Sparkling sake is made the same way as other regular sake -up to a point. During the middle of fermentation, when the alcohol is only around 5-10 percent, whereas the normal sake is 18-20 percent, the sake is pressed and bottled. Within the bottle, a secondary fermentation starts and that produces bubbly carbonation. it is very similar to the way how champagne is made.
sparkling sake tend to taste sweeter than normal sake, little like cream soda that I liked in Japan.


Zuma offers two different kinds of sparkling sake in this winter:

1) Dassai 50% Junmai Ginjo, Sparkling (Asahi Shuzo, from Yamaguchi)
 獺祭 五割 純米吟醸 スパークリング (山口県 旭酒造)

The name of their sake, Dassai, means "otter festival." Part of the name refers to an ancient name for the region in Yamaguchi Prefecture, as long ago there were many otters frolicking in the nearby rivers. Otters will lay out the fish that they catch on the shore, almost as if they are showing them off in a festival.Asahi Shuzo is a brewery specialising only in the very highest grade junmai ginjo and junmai daiginjo. In addition, 95% of the rice used is Yamadanishiki, commonly referred to as the king of sake rice. The brewery's reputation is unsurpassed through national / international gourmet communities.This sparkling edition of their sake is exceptionally clean, smooth and elegant exquisite sake. It is well balanced, and has aromas of ripe stone fruits and touch of fresh grapefruits.


2) Tosa Shiragiku Bihappo Gin no Yume (Sentou Shuzo from Kochi)
 土佐しらぎく 微発泡 吟の夢 (高知県 仙頭酒造)

 The Sentou Brewery locates in Kochi prefecture, on the south coast of Shikoku island.
The daughter of the brewery took over the sales, PR, and production since few years ago and helped creating images of sake to be suitable for women.Kochi Prefecture sake is actually the driest in the country; drier even than Niigata sake. Usually the fragrance is comparatively subdued, and flavors start out soft, but open up and widen quite nicely as you sip.This sake Ultra light sparkling sake. It has a hint of candied lemon flavour with crisp and super dry finish. it will match perfectly with some dishes with lemon such as fried seafood with lime/lemon wedge.Since this sake contains high carbonation, I personally prefer to enjoy a day or two after opening the bottle.even it become "flat", this sake still tastes beautiful.



奈津美 said...

Thank you for the interesting post!
I often use sake for cooking. Although I can't drink, I also can't live with out.
So many people in the US avoiding wheat due to gluten allergy, I believe people should pay more attention to sake!
May be making cream-soda with sake is one way to make it happen,,,?

pimienta ぴみえんた said...

thanks natsumi for always being a best reader of my blog! love you!
yes, sake is amazing in the way that never touches to the animals and wheat free people! and it make you beautiful as well!