Sep 3, 2011

raise me up, Hanabi.

Even though Hanabi (=Fireworks in Japanese) festival has been 
common scenes of summer in Japan throughout the history,
After the earthquake on March 11th, many Hanabi festivals around the country 
were decided to cancel  this years to show “restraint” after the big tragedy.
On one side, it makes sense, but on the other side, who wants to sit down in the darkness and morn?
Summer without Hanabi is like summer without sun.

"Omagari National Hanabi Competition" in Daisen city of Akita prefecture,
one of the most major Hanabi competitions in Japan since 1910. 
Famous pyrotechnicians gather from all over Japan and compete for their techniques.
It was 85th competition happened August 27th last week,
300 evacuees from the Eastern Japan Earthquake are invited to this event, 
and it attracted 700,000 audience from all around Japan to see its truly beautiful art of Hanabi 
(even though population of Daisen city is only about 40,000 people!)
the video footage above is one of the this year's Omagari Hanabi,
song used is "You Raise Me Up" by Celtic Woman
dedicated to the victims of earthquake in March 11th.
What a festival.