Jan 29, 2010

懐かしさ / nostalgia



(2005年05月03日 23時48分)


I reread the blog I used to secretly write during my college years.
After picking up all of my old empty shells from 5 years ago, 
I felt quite embarrassed and jealous at the same time about myself, who was way more dreamer than now.
Because I could fly with the unbalanced and ugly, yet surely beautiful and sensitive wings within the tiny-tiny world of struggle and dance.
I am still a fearful and hopeful person to love, though.

If the present is a "present", the past may be to take a great care of those treasures.

"red chair and pina colada"
2005-05-03 23:48

Her eyes shined like a shooting star stunning in a clear night. I only hear nothing, which remains the traces of the light it released.
I rediscover the beauty of our lives everyday, and its sparkle always comes back to me.

"There is nothing you can do by thinking and longing for the future. The present is like a treasure box, that's why it is called 'present.'"
My favorite friend Amando told me widening his playful eyes as big as a tulip flower blooming in my garden.
"It is love that always remains within us. Those old folks won't remember anything by buying cars and houses, but loves remembers love."
My life feels invisible sometimes, I tend to wait until the next day comes, hoping that something will be a little better in the future. but i do not want to fear loving.

Tomorrow will be sunny again.


Bonjour Juliette said...

Well thank you for the "present". That's exactly what i needed to start my day with some light and happiness... Thank you!

pimienta ぴみえんた said...

you are welcome!
i know its so cold and dark in the winter and need more brightness to get out from bed cheerfully.
i love your website, many cute colors!

Anonymous said...

these images illustrate your post so beautifully. i could look at that figurine all day.
i wonder if anyone can ever explain how to "be" in the present, to be aware of and value and enjoy every taste of the day as it passes. children are experts of this, and their sense of time is so different.
what if we threw away our watches?

pimienta ぴみえんた said...

you are right, children are amazing on enjoying in the present!
I always want to keep sensing my child part of me but always fail...
it is not about forgetting concept of time or future, it is about how to enjoy our life.
thanks for commenting again, and I have to tell that i secretly tried your Dulce de Leche recipe and mmmh thanks it was absolutely yummy.